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The data doesn’t lie: There is a demand for massage therapists all across the nation in chiropractor’s offices, doctor’s offices, and even on vacation resorts. What better time than now to become a massage therapist by getting your Therapeutic Massage Practitioner training in just 25 weeks, from Dawn Career Institute?

Throughout your massage therapy courses at DCI, you’ll enjoy:

Guided Instruction by Experts in the Profession
Hands-On Experience with Actual Massage Clients
Learning the Art and Science of Massage Therapy
Applying Both Theoretical and Practical Methods

Most Massage Therapist work in spas, salons and massage clinics. There are also job opportunities in fitness clubs, hotels, resorts, physicians’ offices, chiropractors’ offices and with sports teams. Many Massage Practitioners also elect to become self-employed

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Quality Training From Dawn For a
Rewarding Massage Therapy Career

Do you want hands-on experience to become better prepared for your career? At Dawn Career Institute, you get just that. With the on-site New Beginnings Spa, you can receive real-world experience before you enter the real world.

Massage Therapists may perform the following services:

By going to this school, I realize that I have a unique opportunity to change lives with my hands. And that’s what I do every day. I make a difference in people’s lives, and that’s very rewarding for me.

Sue P., Therapeutic Massage Practitioner Graduate

Your Role As A Massage Therapist

Medical Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is used to support the wellness plan of the medical team in treating a variety of different illnesses including anxiety, digestive disorders, sports injuries, joint pain, insomnia, fibromyalgia and so much more.

Massage therapists are needed in the medical setting to provide hands-on treatment to patients when alternative options are not available or have not brought results.

Leisure Massage Therapy

Cruise ships, Resorts Salons, Massage Therapy is used for both medical and leisure purposes. With Dawn’s 25-week Therapeutic Massage Practitioner training, you can help people relax on vacations or de-stress after a long work week.

Whether you decide to take the medical or leisure route, there is a massage therapy career waiting for you. Get prepared for a fulfilling career where you can work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, chiropractor’s offices, cruise ships, resorts, in homes and so much more!